Americas' Army 

  • Published by the US army themselves to prepare American soldiers for real-life combat situations and with brilliant first-person shooting action, this is a glimpse into the training that real American soldiers and marines would undergo. 
  • With a variety of different disciplines to train in, including target-based shooting, counter-insurgency, sub-machine gun fire, and even rocket-propelled grenade launching.

Sega Too Spicy 

A brilliantly unique shooter from Sega, this game differs from others in its genre. Rather than being a co-operative shooter, Too Spicy is completely head-to-head, with players battling against one another to be the last man standing. 

Set in the early 21st century, the criminal underworld is in turmoil after the death of an all-powerful boss. The result has been widespread conflict, as numerous agents contest for control of the new territory. With a captivating storyline and fierce some gun battles, Too Spicy is a criminal underworld shoot-‘em-up classic!

Fast Gunman 

Practise your shooting skills in this fast-paced laser target shooter, pitting players against each other for the title of sharpest shooter! Great fun for all the family.

Time Crisis 4 

Time Crisis 4 features System Super 256 cinematic battle sequences, cut-scene and real-time graphics, independent speakers for voice and sound and an improved easy-grip controller for quick, responsive gunplay. 

Also features an immersive voice navigation system which allows in-game characters to talk directly to the player, submerging them deep into the compelling storyline with advice on tactical response and weapon selection. 

There's also an arsenal of new weapons ranging from pistol to rifle to machine gun to devastating bio weapon ‘The Terror Bite’.

Last Bounty Hunter 

This interactive rail gun shooter is set in the Old West and sees players take on the mantra of a bounty hunter chasing the territory’s four most wanted outlaws: Handsome Harry, Nasty Dan, El Loco, and the Cactus Kid, along with their respective gangs. The outlaws are wanted dead or alive, but players receive far greater reward for capturing them alive.

Konami Coopers 9 

Comedic shoot ‘em up game from Konami, full of action and laughs in equal measure.

The storyline sees us follow two assassins as they attempt to leave their gang and criminal pasts behind, much to the displeasure of their boss Carlos Cooper. Cooper subsequently orders his men to take out our assassin heroes, initiating a crazy race to escape the Cooper Corporation building alive. 
With eight levels for players to blast through, this secret-agent style shooter is great fun.

Terminator Salvation 

Assume the role of John Connor during the war between the human resistance and Skynet’s seemingly endless supply of Terminator Robots and machines.

Terminator Salvation is adorned with glowing neon rifle holders and a replica T-600 robot (with glowing red eyes) marquee topper. The game puts players right in the firing line as droves of T-600 robots attempt to thwart their resistance. Heavy-duty recoiling rifles, featuring a new ‘clip’ action reload feature, add a depth of realism unparalleled in any other arcade shooter. Players can add to their arsenal of weapons by securing a number of different and powerful devices to aid them in battling a variety of menacing combatants throughout the game. An exhilaratingly brilliant modern arcade shooter.

Confidential Mission 

A secret agent shooter from Sega in the same style as the Virtua Cop and House of the Dead series, this is a game that we would recommend for any espionage themed event. 

The mission is to infiltrate enemy headquarters using a combined assortment of weapons and gadgets. 

Use your sharp-shooting skills, evasiveness, and killer technology to progress through the levels and ultimately halt the terrorists in their evil plans!

Time Crisis 3 

An absolute classic of an arcade shooter from Namco. 

Utilizing the foot pedal system it is famous for, players can choose to shoot enemies or take cover if under heavy fire. 

This instalment of Time Crisis allows two players to play simultaneously for the first time in the series, co-operating to eliminate the hordes of enemies they encounter. 

Players take on the roles of agents seeking to rescue a kidnapped comrade who has foiled a corrupt Corporation’s plan to launch a nuclear satellite into space. 

It is your mission to kill the Corporation’s henchmen, save your comrade and stop the satellite from causing utter destruction before time runs out!