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A day at the races

Cabaret race nights use high-definition video projection and digital sound to bring all the excitement of a day at Kempton Park or Epsom to your event. Contact us to find out more.

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Sega and Namco simulators for Hire for corporate events and parties
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Legal and copyright information

Lotteries & Amusements Act 1976

A Cabaret Casino conforms to the rules and regulations set out in the above act. We have been advised that a casino event can be classed as an amusement with prizes as defined under section 15 of the act as long as the guide lines below are adhered to.

  1. It should not be the sole of major inducement for people to attend the event. Entrance must be by invitation or pre-paid ticket only. No admission money taken on the door and no separate admission money taken for the casino room.
  2. Only invited or bona fide members can attend.
  3. Advertising should be restricted to the venue / club premises and venue/club/company literature. However, if included as one of the other activities, the mention can be made in advertisements designed to reach a wider audience.
  4. The word casino must be preceded with the words FUN, PRIZE or CHARITY e.g. FUN CASINO; and should not be the first or only activity mentioned e.g. Dance, The...Big Band, Disco, Raffle, Prize Casino.
  5. No one person can gain financially from the gaming.

If in any doubt then do contact your solicitor or our office for help or assistance with any aspect of your event.


Under current VAT legislation, VAT is chargeable on Fun Casinos as they are regarded as an entertainment not a service.


Cabaret Casino Associates Ltd. has full public liability insurance.


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