Konami Dance Stage - Into the Groove 3 

The latest instalment in the classic Konami dance series, In the Groove allows players to dance to a huge selection of music videos, accumulating points by timing their dance steps perfectly. 

With our customizable machines that can be branded with logos, images and slogans, this is one of the best arcade dance games on the market and an entertaining experience is guaranteed.

Konami Supernova Dance 

A superb modern dance game, Konami Dance Supernova features a fantastic 42” plasma screen boasting breath-taking graphics. 

The new Supernova is designed for 2 players and is packed with even more special features and songs to have you dance-stepping all night long. With hits from well-known artists from a variety of genres and eras, this is the arcade dance game with the most complete music collection ever. 

New features include the FREEZE ZONE, where players try to keep their feet on the arrows for as long as possible, and the PERFECT STEP, which boosts their combos and awards high numbers of points. An awesome arcade dancing machine.

Stage Fusion 

Dancing Stage - FUSION is latest dancing machine from Konami, design for 2 players, available in English version. It features hits from well-known artists, with a very large selection of tracks for players to choose from to determine their dance routine. The game boasts advanced 3D graphics, allowing players to dance to real pop artists. Features include the freeze zone, where players try to keep their feet on the arrows for longer and perfect step which boosts their combos.

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